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Starting Your Own Business in UK

Starting a business in UK



Why is the United Kingdom the ultimate place to initiate or relocate your business? This question is answered by a number of explanations. Let me give you the full picture. The second highest labour force in Europe is found in the UK. A large labour force means a high demand for goods and services in an economy. Secondly, amongst the world’s top ten universities, four of these are located in the UK. Thirdly, a business can be listed or registered in less than forty-eight hours in the UK. There is support such as mentoring and funding, for new and established business owners, made available by the UK government.

Assistance for entrepreneurs and starters

There is always assistance for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Once your business is overseas, you must relocate to the UK to be liable to business support services, such as GEP, offered in the UK. The GEP (Global Entrepreneur Programme) assists businesses at any stage, in developing your business plans, giving you direction on how to grow your business, teachings from proficient entrepreneurs and continual support to ensure success.


Entrepreneur Visa

Capital, of at least £50 000, from a sanctioned organization, will be required to receive an Entrepreneur visa to do business in the UK. Your business must have the capacity of high progression. You can gain capital from a UKTI endorsed seed competition, the UK government or a venture capital firm. The following are certain Seed Competitions that assist in funding to receive an entrepreneur visa to enter the UK.


TechStars London – You have to be among the finest to gain capital from TechStars because they tend to make careful choices and they have a lower selection rate than the Ivy League.

Oxygen Accelerator – Only the best ten teams from all over the world receives the opportunity to work with the Oxygen Accelerator, a tech accelerator, which consecutively offers 13 weeks of mentorship and development leading towards funding.

Seedcamp – Seedcamp offers mentoring programmes at an early stage of your business. Your company will undergo a year of events concentrating on all parts of your business and its growth.

Wayra – Wayra simply turn business ideas into reality. With Wayra, you must undergo a six month programme and you can initially receive up to £50,000 with guidance and mentoring.

Collider – Collider offers a one year programme which assist new businesses to develop into maintainable organizations.


As you can see there are several options to help you starting your own business in UK. Contact to know more!

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  • Starting a business in UK
    Company formation United Kingdom

    Starting Your Own Business in UK

      Overview Why is the United Kingdom the ultimate place to initiate or relocate your business? This question is answered by ...
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